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Children First

Children First specializes in providing services for children and individuals within the neurodivergent population and other psychological struggles. They have a dedicated team comprising occupational therapists, psychiatrists, developmental psychologists, and family therapists, collaborating to offer comprehensive support and care.

Dr Shelja Sen

Dr Shelja Sen is a narrative therapist, writer, co-founder of Children First. Shelja is a TED speaker and a columnist Indian Express, and author of three critically acclaimed books – All You Need is Love, Imagine and Reclaim Your Life. She is Clinical Tutor at the University of Melbourne and international faculty at Dulwich Centre Foundation, Adelaide, Australia. She is a curator of the unique skills, expertise and know-how of children and youth she has the honor of working with.

Qualification: MA, MPhil, DclinPysch, Master in Narrative Therapy & Community Work.


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