Are you someone who…

  • has been hospitalized for a psychiatric diagnosis?
  • received a psychiatric diagnosis which hurt instead of helped?
  • has been given Electro-convulsive therapy?
  • felt worse after taking psychiatric medication?
  • has struggled with stopping medication because of side-effects or withdrawal effects?
  • was helped by alternate therapies?
  • was helped in their mental health struggle by family, friends, work, art, spirituality, exercise or anything other than mainstream healthcare?

Mad In South Asia (MISA) can be your voice!!!

  • We welcome stories in all South Asian languages.
  • Persons with disabilities or those more comfortable with audio/video formats please write to us.

Submission Guidelines

Please email your story, along with a short bio of yourself and an accompanying photograph to You can also email us with any questions you have.

Story Criteria

Word Limit: 2500 words

  • Stories that capture experiences of living and surviving mental health systems in South Asia. These could be hospitals, asylums, half way homes, rehabilitation centers or outpatient private psychiatry clinics, therapists etc.
  • Stories with experiences of healing that came from outside the mainstream mental healthcare systems. This could include community activities, spiritual journeys, artistic endeavors, exercise (including sports and yoga), hobbies (such as gardening, puzzles etc.), relationship support from family & friends, or anything else that helped you.