Sona Elizabeth Shibu

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Sona Elizabeth Shibu

My work with my clients include reading and understanding the language of body better, managing symptoms through mindfulness, meditation, finding natural sources of dopamine; making significant and wholesome lifestyle changes to change the way nervous system functions and psycho-educating them on how diagnoses can be limiting to the human experience.

My work is strongly grounded in the belief that a human being is a culmination of all their experiences, and we are continuously responding towards the environment around us. I believe that more than an individual work, therapy also has to be the wholesome understanding of social structures and systems that we exist in, and I work with my clients in building self-awareness that is rooted in socio-political awareness.

Qualification: Msc Counseling Psychology, 5 Years

Languages: English, Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi

Population: Adults

Queer Affirmative: Yes

Mode Of Operation: Online, India/Kochi (Remote), Private Practice

Offer Sliding Scale: Yes


Contact Information

Kochi, Ernakulam District, Kerala, 682001, India