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Hello, I am Shaifila, a psychotherapist from Delhi. I  believe mental health is more of a psychosocial intervention and not just individual.

Along with online one-on-one sessions, I am trying to build different models of therapeutic care and learning to understand that mental health goes beyond the space(s) of therapy. I understand that therapy is a deeper exploration of self, yet I feel that it is important to situate this self in the world. I like to bring the socio-cultural and political lens too, into the space. The discourse is empty without acknowledging the importance of our backgrounds, cultural inheritance, social status, gender, political environment and so much more. Most of what we know of therapy is understood and studied in a western lens, I work towards understanding self in a collectivist culture like India and decolonizing our understanding of healing.

Qualification: Ma Psychology, Years Of Experience- 4 Years

Languages: Hindi English Gujarati

Population: Adults From All Backgrounds

Queer Affirmative: Yes

Mode Of Operation: Remote Delhi , Private Practice

Sliding Scale: Yes


Contact Information

Delhi, India