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A Perch for the Thornbirds: Based out of China, we look at mental health issues from a perspective that transcends disciplines, promotes the production of knowledge and experience, upholds the concept of social justice, and explores the possibility of multiple interventions.

We carry out projects such as peer education, mutual aid groups, lecture salons, etc., and conduct public communication on mental health through various artistic innovations such as film festivals, filming, theaters, and art exhibitions.

For the seventh year in a row, we hosted the Mental Health Art Exhibition. We cooperate with many universities to organize teaching and training. We have received support from UNESCO and the British Council.

No. 600 Gallery is a special project of the Shanghai Mental Health Center. We are volunteering to organize this. The gallery hopes to provide opportunities for more artists with mental health issues. It also hopes to be a space for public discussion on any topic about mental health.

It has held many exhibitions so far. The authors cover people inside and outside the hospital, including adolescents and long-term hospitalized elders. The themes involve emotional disorders, schizophrenia, adolescent psychology, etc.

In the future, the Shanghai Mental Health Center will continue to hold various themes to continuously provide you with new perspectives and create beautiful experiences.

Introducing A Perch for Thornbirds and Gallery 600